Two core terms of our philosophy: Client and team.

We live our philosophy “t.e.a.m. – together we achieve more”.

That is why t.e.a.m. is strictly client- and project-oriented, focusing on providing the best possible service for our clients. We are convinced we can achieve the greatest benefit for our clients by combining all of our expertise and experience in a team to develop suitable solutions. We achieve this by working in project teams which consist of t.e.a.m. consultants and employees of our clients.

The basis of our successful philosophy is the selection of highly motivated personalities working in our team. Based on this principle we invest in ongoing trainings for all of our consultants and increasing our own knowledge. Furthermore, our own organizational structure allows our experienced senior consultants to provide the clients with their expertise. Our internal hierarchy is reduced to a minimum in order to achieve a maximum performance for our clients.


Consulting approach

Symbiosis of process and IT consulting.

In addition to comprehensive IT competence, we also offer our customers in-depth process know-how to solve their problems.

We also transfer strategic innovations to other industries.