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Human Machine Interface Design mit State Chart XML

Evaluation von SCXML zur Nutzung in Model-Driven Development anhand der Implementierung des Qt Creators und Qt Frameworks

This paper explains the most important basics of the SCXML language and gives an overview of existing freely available SCXML implementations. It evaluates the quality of SCXML in the existing implementation of the module Qt SCXML of the Qt Framework and the support for it by the IDE Qt Creator. In addition, a practical example shows how an application in Qt can benefit from combining SCXML as a declarative component to control the behavioral logic with the advantages of using an imperative part written in C++ outside of a SCXML document. Thus, this paper verifies that SCXML is suitable for Model Driven Development using Qt.

SCXML, State Chart XML, Qt SCXML, Qt Creator, Qt Framework, UML statechart, UML state machine, Model Driven Development

Buch bestellen über: https://www.grin.com/document/424857